Sunday, March 11, 2007

Genetically Engineered Food

A lot of food that we eat today contain genetically modified ingredients. GE Food is an expensive technology for developing nations. This is also a very young and untested technology. Debates about safety aside, third world nations look to have their resources and knowledge patented, often without their consent.

ZOOS - is it really helping our animals...

This week, my group have started working on our documentary. I have think of this topic when one of my groupmate have started playing a joke saying, "To know the effects of land pollution on animals, we can put the fish in the trashcan and we can see instant effect." We all laugh so hard... because logically fishes will die if we place them there, even if the environment is clean but if it was placed not on its normal habitat, it will die naturally.

I began to think of animals not that are not on their normal habitat...such as those that are in zoos. The primary reason why animals are in zoos is because they are protected there and for our protection too.. They are also kept there so that we can easily see and study them... but there are also insights that keeping them in cages are also not good for them. For instance, there is a specie of eagle that needs to fly high and reach a certain peak before it will be able for that bird to lay eggs... but if encage in zoos that specie of eagle will not be able to procreate... and it is said that animals are there to protect them but by enclosing them in cages we also alter their way of life.

Animals too have the right to live as freely as they can. Imagine that you are an endangered animal, will it be allright to be inside a cage because you're safe there? well if I am that animal, I will prefer to live the way I want to be even if the environment is not safe... and come to think of it we, humans are also the reason why these animals are not safe in their normal environment...

If the reason they are there is to prevent attacks of wild animals, I beleived that it will not be enough reason why they should be enclosed in cages. Because in fact these animals are afraid of humans (like snakes). The reason why they attack is just to defend themselves; it maybe because of our mistakes and misdeeds.

Lastly, being in cages destroys the balance of nature. There should be a balance between those that eat and are eaten which of course will not happen in zoos. That is why in other countries animals are in safaris in which they can live their normal way of life and still be protected by us humans..

Sunday, March 4, 2007

little things...(senti lng po)

Sometimes it takes a friendly reminder to look at things around us for us to notice its value...

Let me ask you this? When was the last time you take at the look at the stars or rise up early to greet the morning sun?Well to answer this question...I do look and wait for the sun to rise every day during weekdays. Why because it is a reminder for me that my shift will end soon and near is the time to say say goodbye to all the pressures of work. Its like a ray of hope that says I must move on and face a new day. I really enjoy the view in the window near my station and do enjoy getting out to see the clouds and see the greens...hehe..(as if parang may veiw). But no joking, it was a very nice feeling. I remember when I was working a a graphic designer, I do enjoy the works of art uploaded in the net, but nothing is more beautiful than the nature's work of art. After the shift, I and my colleages will walk to get outside the village of Ayala Alabang. We really enjoy the gardens of the people living there and wish that when we have our own houses we will have one. We look at the sky and the leaves and then comment that "Today the sky is to bright and the leaves are painted crispy green" or "The surroundings is a little dull and it needs a little filtering- Ctrl+F in photoshop". Its really relaxing to the eyes after 10 hours of a sleepless night and looking to the computer. At night, when I am not in a hurry,I do look at the sky as I walk to go home and will look for Riki (the moon) and check if stars are present. The night sky is talking and making me wonder the greatness of the galaxies. I do thank the moments that I remember looking up there. These are the little things that I do look for and to give me a break when I think I deserved one... Why don't you try to look at the sky tonight..maybe you will appreciate it...

call for an uncommon act

It was a Saturday afternoon, at the back of the college, I was really forcing myself to have a topic for my first blog. Of course I am only doing this because I have to...and it needs to be done right away so that I will not have deductions for passing it late. Nothing really enters my mind until one of my friend says "Eh, kung pulutin mo kaya lahat ng cigarrette butts na makita mo...cguro naman makakaisip ka na no'n..." (what if you pick all the cigarette butts that you see and you will definitely think of something). Without even thinking, my initial reaction was "Ayaw ko nga"(I dont want to...). In that very moment, I finally think of something to share.

To do or not to do, that is the question. I started it with this qoutation because I believe we can choose to do something about our surroundings or environment but we don't choose to do it.We all want a beautiful and clean environment but we always don't mind to do something to achieve it. Nowadays, I only see few people picking up trash of others. These people includes metroaides, garbage collectors and those who have their living dependent on it. It is very easy to understand the reason why they are doing it; basically, because it is their job and their living. But very seldom do the common people picking up trash for the reason that they want a clean surrounding. Somehow, I know many will agree to this insights of mine.

Sometimes, we are also the reason why their are litters in our environment. Let us admit that more than once we have thrown our trash not in the right place. Even the smallest piece of candy wrapper or cigarette butts that are not dispose correctly (if gathered) will have a great effect in our surroundings. I know I dont need to explain the effects because we are constantly reminded and are taught this things since elementary. But this common knowledge requires a very uncommon is more common to see people throwing litters in the streets than to see people picking it. That is the reason why our environment becomes dirty and unhealthy to live with.

I believe its time to end my blog and do something to correct it. Well we must start acting now. I remember one time seeing myself picking up a trash because I see someone who I value (or admire) do it. Well basically I have done it because I respect that person even if she doesn't tell me to pick it up. Even if we can't do the talking, once we act about this, maybe we can influence a single soul to do something like what we do. Let's make this a common habit. We are the ones living in this surrounding or environment so basically we are also the ones responsible for keeping it clean.

Now, there is only a question to answer, to do or not to do? The answer is in our hands...